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Added two more pokemon to the current project. Thinking which other pokemon should be added.

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Cause vaporeon is one of my favorites C:
Right after ampharos of course.

Now, right here you can skip the technical part if you´d like.
General talk about bugs with the engine.

Pokemon right now cant really do much when it comes to fighting. The engine overall is still underway to become alot more powerfull. I could say its fine how it is now, but loading a map with incorrect resolution causes the map to throw wild errors XD The tile coordinates are relative to the window´s height and width. Exporting a map in the map editor (One which I made in order to make levels in a quicker and easier way xD) with a different resolution than the game resolution, causes incorrect level generation. Half of the world is gone, or just doesnt load how it should.

Map exporting and testing

And yes, i said map editor. One cant work correctly without one :C
For now, the map editor will be for my exclusive use 83
I will however let other people try the program out when I feel its finished.

Pokemon: Charmander looks pretty good ingame! Though vaporeon is still my favorite D;
How will leveling up work in the arena? Well, for starters everyone will start at level 1 at the start of every match. You will level up as you progress through the game. New attacks will become available, evolutions are a must have! Pretty much like the normal pokemon. Except battles are spiced up some D; Pokemon that need stones for evolving are going to have to find them throughout the map. They get to evolve first if they find them XD! Usable items are also planned to be implemented. However, these wont always apear in the same spot. I plan to make them apear at random. This is so no constant evolving is done at early game.

That would be all for now! I will post updates whenever I feel ive made progress.
I´ll leave you these pokemon screenshots .D.

Map exporting and testing

Map exporting and testing

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