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1.7 update to action rougelite Vampire of the Sands released.

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  • Chests can no longer be forced open with weapons.
  • Added visual/audial warning when souls get low ( <30 and <10 ).
  • Added extra visual effect for when monsters die.
  • Made store prices a bit lower, from ridiculous to possibly-affordable.
  • Soul Runes now only give 1 extra soul.
  • Cactuses will no longer spawn immediately next to doors.
  • Soul floor-spawns on farm reduced (treasure chests amounts unchanged).
  • Escape key is now mappable.
  • Use Skill key is now mappable.
  • Toggle Skill key is now mappable.
  • To delete a key mapping, you now have to press "delete" instead of starting to map the key.
  • Spawners now shake when a monster is about to pop out.
  • Hitboxes of normal walls made smaller.
  • Shop UI now opens upon entering shop instead of waiting until you grab/drop an item.
  • Shop UI now shows how much money you have.
  • Shop UI moved down, so that it doesn't hide other UI elements.
  • Door graphics made a little more obvious.
  • Tutorial no longer disabled automatically because of remapping a key.
  • You can no longer "switch hands" for worn armor.
  • Hitting escape now pauses the game (and blanks out the screen).
  • Arena now spawns more monsters at each star level.
  • Added new advanced-control "kick", to break things "for free" when both hands are full.
  • Added kick animations for player.
  • Added attack animations for player.
  • Added controller support
  • Added control buffering so that stopping on a diagonal would be less finicky.
  • Added notification about what exactly you're picking up off the ground.
  • Added notification when your items are getting corroded.
  • Added visual effect when Book's pages are slowing you down.
  • Fixed bug causing chaos wands to do nothing.
  • Fixed bug causing large rooms to sometimes have holes in them in weird places.
  • Fixed bug causing weapons to take too much damage from bonking against walls.
  • Fixed bug where taking items from a chest only accepted spacebar, not bound action key.
  • Fixed bug causing Skeleton Fencers to circle strafe through walls.
  • Fixed bug causing saving to not work properly on systems with alternate encoding schemes.
  • Fixed bug where multiple skills could be used with one key press.
  • Fixed bug where a skill could be double-bound and used twice (thus always making the error sound).
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