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A look at the unit roster of a new faction: the Vampire Counts!

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Unlike the other 3 factions, the Vampire Counts weren't in the first release and so this is a roster reveal rather then an update. As always, the roster is mostly a recreation of the Warhammer one, with some slight changes. Ghost and Ghoul units are missing as I want those to get their own factions later on. Their places are filled by some new stuff, most of which are classic monsters to complement the gothic horror aesthetic. We have werewolves, flesh golems (aka Frankenstein's monster), zombie giants, gargoyles, etc. As in tabletop, the Vampire Counts mostly lack range with the exception of magic users, though there's also the addition of the Swordcaster from TABS which I thinks fits the roster rather well.

screenshot0001 1

The Vampire navy isn't as fleshed out as the other factions and I'll probably update them at some point since I'm not entirely satisfied with how they look.

screenshot0006 1

The Vampire Counts heroes on the other hand are a lot more defined then those of the other factions as I decided to make them various classic vampires from pop-culture. There's Dracula, Nosferatu, Spring Heeled Jack and even Lady Dimitrescu (because why not!). That said there are some that are directly based on Warhammer characters.

screenshot0004 1

With that I have revealed the new rosters for all 4 factions of the next version! But there's still a lot of work to be done before I can release it. Buildings aren't finished yet, many units need to be properly implemented and balanced, unit portraits are missing and there's various bugs to figure out (such as the diplomacy screen being broken).

I can't say when the next update will happen, but hopefully it won't take too long.

See you then!

Metaltooth - - 2,664 comments

Will you make some factions be asymetric with the others? Like with starcraft having wildly different playstyles and systems

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Timnaka Author
Timnaka - - 15 comments

I'd like to, though since i'm not a programmer I may be limited in what I can achieve.

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Argeomer - - 5,578 comments

what you are already achieving is already really good! :) Just keep doing what you do. Continue the good work

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Timnaka Author
Timnaka - - 15 comments


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