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We introduce our first anchor character Valkyrie, a healer.

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Character Name: Valkyrie

One thing that distinguishes class based shooter from arena shooter is the existence of a dedicated healer class.

Healer class is often an easy target in this genre of games. Playing a healer feels often very frustrating.

In our game healer is not an easy pray. They have tools in their disposal to defend against attackers. However there is a catch. Once she activates her sword/shield mode, she cannot heal for certain periods of time.

Flankers can neutralize enemy team's source of heal by forcing Valkyrie to activate her offensive mode.

However Valkyrie has a very short range weapon(melee) and shield. It makes her offensive mode never better than gun wielding true DPS class.

Her sword attacks do light damage. Whenever it deals damage, it heals her. Her sword attacks are not powerful enough to duel DPS classes but successfully landing attacks allow her to buy a lot of time until her allies come in to help her.

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