About on third of the Overhaul done - Release of Version 0.3!

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Update 1st April 2013

Vader want's you...

to find all Easter eggs on Vjun!

Hello fans of JKA! I have a big anouncement to make: I decided to "release" the mod in the current state as the first "release" - Version 0.3. The filesize of the mod hit 2 gigs, so I'm going near the limit of the maximum filesize on moddb which lead me to that decision. i'll release a full pack part two when another 2 gigs of retexture are finished.
This full pack includes all current retextures I did, with even more goodness added, Taspir and the Tattoine "Merchant" level with the Millenium Falcon. Also all former packs were redone, resulting in a re-retexture of Hoth, Yavin, Blenjeel and Tatooine.

The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul v.0.3 Combined

Also I will release the two new levels as seperate packs aswell this week.

Here are some screenshots showing some examples of the retexture. Please look at them in full resolution otherwise the differences are not as clear.

Hoth retexture comparison:


Merhant Level Retexture:

some more pics of new hoth:

Yavin re-retexture:

Some more screenshots will be added soon!

Please download the new pack as soon as it's authorized for download and install it by unzipping it to >your JKA directory</gamedata/base

The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul v.0.3 Combined

IMPORTANT! If you already have other packs of my mod installed please delete them! this ensures every texture will be displayed properly.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

Please follow my mod for further updates!!

As always I want to point out that feedback helps a lot in improving this mod even further!
The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul

Have fun!!



Those new textures look very nice, although I prefer the old texture in the last image.

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Agreed, though both would benefit from some vertex painting and improved normals + Base mesh to show off your texture better.

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Mr.Zz Author

True. but i have to cope with the limitations of the engine which does not support normals. Also I'm no 3d animator, this mod is only a texture overhaul e-g hi-rez-texture pack, so i can't improve the meshes although it would be great if somebody would help me to do that to take the mod on a new level.
But thanks for your feedback!

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Mr.Zz Author

Thanks, good to know. I#m not completely satidfied with that one myself and am still working on finding a better one, which will be added in the next release ;)

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I'm a big fan of this Star Wars game!^^ So thank you a lot ^^

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