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New skill tree system with a map rework. Full patch notes for VU Build 0.65.

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What I've been working on :

+Reworked map Bluffs

I've completely overhauled the bluffs map. I went in and deleted all the old geometry. I started from scratch using tools and methods of building levels that I learned while working on VU. I tried to keep the spirit and continuity of the previous version of the map. Some areas were removed, but most areas were remade and replaced. The level is much more compact and optimized while still keeping the traversal experience similar. Let me know if more map reworks in the future is something you're interested in.

+New Skill Tree System

+4 Vitality Skill Tiers
+4 Magic Skill Tiers
+4 Strength Skill Tiers
+Skill points are determined by your level
+Skill point menu on map level select screen
+Reset skill point button from map level select screen
+Set default max fps to 144
+Can now modify max fps from pause menu

Spryward VU's sequel has a Steam page now! It will launch after Vacancy Unlimited leaves early access.

What's coming next :

New trailer
Loot rng changes
Projectile Physics Improvements
Balance Changes
Priority Target Changes
Drone Changes

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