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Full patch notes for Vacancy Unlimited 0.25 leading into Early Access launch on the 28th.

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What I've been working on :+Added explosive barrels
+Improved intermission music
New Guns :
+Added G36c

+Added M60

+Added VSS

+Added Lefeucheux
+New Map Holly
+New Cutscene (See what Westley and Gloria have to say to each other.)
+Roboravager now shoots in bursts instead of dumping his whole clip as soon as he sees you.
+Improved pathing for Bluffs, fixed light monument defense ramp
+Added confirmations for save wipes, will add confirmations for quitting game as well
+Adjusted loot pools
+Adjusted SFX volume equalization
+Improved weapons falling through floor on spawn. (still working on fixes for on drop)
+Fixed bug where SFX wouldn't be lowered from pause menu.
+Cutscenes are now skippable
+Improved Bluffs occlusion
+Added more prop buildings to Bluffs to add more visibility cutoffs hoping to improve the performance on this level more prior to launch
+New Trailer :

What's coming next :New Map Twin Creeks
Screenshots, and Steam Banners

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