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+2 New weapons +Animation / Loot Fixes: Click for VU Build 0.53 full patch notes.

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What I've been working on :

+Scroll wheel now switches between inventory slots
+Added Scorpion SMG
+Added a baseball bat melee weapon

+Drones can now drop loot or the weapon it is using when destroyed
+Fixed bug where melee weapons wouldn't cycle through all possible attack animations

Loot Changes :
Worked on implementing a new loot drop system logic the first use of this is on the new drone loot drops, I will be adding this new loot drop logic to all loot sources in the next update. Instead of picking a random item to spawn the loot drop system now goes through the AI manager. It will keep track of what loot has dropped in an instance to try and not repeat items, but also allow loot to be categorized in order of importance and selected randomly from each category.

What's coming next :

Reload Canceling
Projectile Physics Improvements
Balance Changes
Priority Target Changes
Drone Changes


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