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Hello. You might wonder: Why the heck this mod is updated after that many years after quitting. Well,its a long story...

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You might wonder: Why the heck this mod is updated after that many years after qutting.
Well, its a long story let's say
Im one of the former developers of this modification
Today i would like to announce a comeback in-game

1. Half-Way Studios - No More

Developer Logo

You might ask,whats happening behind the scenes
Im formerly known as Vladkill1 one of the founders and leaders of Half-Way Studios
Of course,everything went to drain after the latest quits and ulterior ending of the team
I returned in a new form to fix the stuff that was left on the wind
Although the news related to qutting was including myself,i wanted to start again the works
At the moment,im going with discussions on transferring all the assets to continue this legacy
This might take a lot of time,and projects are still in pending status

From this point,I started a new Development Team: Instant Flashback

I will collect all the projects in one group and continue their legacy,no matter what
Of course,the works will take a lot of time,and will come at a much later time

2. Extension Pack No.2 V2.5

Dalian is Arriving

Of course,you are here to find out about the new V2.5 Version that is coming out
This update will focus on balancing the weapons,along with improvements of the vehicles and maps
Some of "Base Mod" maps have issues with Lighting within the engine
Along with Vehicles being not properly replaced on teams such as MEC and China Conflics
The patch release will also include a new map to commemorate the Anniversary of 3 Years
Expect some drastic nerfs and also replacements

3. Pan-Asian Coalition Arrival DLC

PAC New Tank

With the genius that Noobkiller2 possed,A8 Tiger was mistakenly placed as PAC Main Battle Tank
In the upcoming patch,i will swap places,and will include this vehicle to Allied Side
Along with that,New EU Team should take the place of USMC Troops in the maps of the DLC
Of course,this is the main problem that is in my way: The Balance of A8 Tiger
Im working over the nerfing of turret,which is hilariously over-powered with fast firerate
AI is also going to be remake,so the gunners wont try to "snipe" the helicopters flying by

To end this update,i know that the style of this article is a low-quality one
Im working alone on these updates,so im sorry if i lack at some parts of fixing the mods
Personally,i think this mod deserves a one last update to fix and wrap up its bad parts
With that said,thank you for reading this update
This was your friend Betamaxx,See you on the Moddb Platform

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