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A hotfix for Zombie Realism v2 is being worked on. I expect to have it done very soon.

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Zombie Realism v2.1 Hotfix Progress

  • Added - More maps have been added to the map packs.
    • dead_sand_elite
    • nazi_zombie_abandon
    • nazi_zombie_col
    • nazi_zombie_core2
    • nazi_zombie_creek
    • nazi_zombie_dawn2
    • nazi_zombie_doom3x
    • nazi_zombie_op4
  • Added - You are now rewarded with a perk (or perk upgrade) every 50 kills.
  • Fixed - Bug where the random box would freeze (and not let you take the weapon) has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Juggernaut should no longer have the 1-hit bug.
  • Fixed - Timed gameplay now works correctly on nazi_zombie_hq.
  • Fixed - Bug where you could not buy ammo for certain weapons has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Kills with the Kar98k are no longer automatically counted as headshots.
  • Fixed - Bug where players would start in spectator mode in nazi_zombie_killzone has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Headshot counter should now display the correct amount of headshots.
  • Fixed - Bug where only one boss round would work has been fixed.
  • Fixed - All supported maps should now run without errors.
  • Fixed - Bug where you would respawn with no weapons has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Bug that caused several repeat powerups to spawn once a boss was killed has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Custom class with medic ability now has correct revive time.
  • Fixed - The 'Arisaka' is now spelled correctly in the class menu.
  • Fixed - 'Failed to join session in progress' error should no longer occur (you should not have to restart CoD:WaW).
  • Changed - Max ammo is now given after a boss is killed during boss rounds (it will give max ammo to all players, but it is NOT a powerup).
  • Changed - Cost of random box has been lowered to 1350.
  • Changed - Old scoring system is back (points for damaging zombies, etc.).
  • Changed - All weapons are in mystery box, including modern weapons.
  • Changed - The class menu no longer opens when spectating (was causing bugs on several maps). It opens only when you respawn.
  • Changed - The STG44 has been moved back to 'Submachine Guns' in the class menu.
  • Changed - Perks are no longer dropped as powerups. They are now kill streak rewards.
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