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This fixes a variety of issues present since Demo 4's release and applies a number of balance adjustments. Well worth grabbing if you liked Demo 4!

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EXU2: Batshit Insane - Demo 4 is now at Version 2.1 as of today's patch. Some of the notable changes:

  • All Battle Fruit and Battle Seeds have been replaced with Blood Fruit / Combat Seeds (and in some cases reduced in number) in the campaign
  • Massive changes to the cluttering of flares and useless inventory items - removal of shitty stuff, replacement with smaller amounts of much better stuff
  • Clusterfucker no longer locks on to horsefly swarms or Doom/Saint Orbs
  • Archdemon boss no longer gets stuck in its lava pit
  • Bullet projectiles now have visible tracers, which makes stuff like the Hellfighter's vulcan cannon look a lot scarier
  • Rebalanced several MP weapons (no effect on coop or SP)
  • Barrel 'o Fun has been fixed, allowing you to carry one Fun, one Sun, and one Chaos barrel at a time
  • Map 6: Fixed teleporter fuckery that can land you in the wrong place at the wrong time, even offline
  • Map 8: Geometry overhauled to fix some crappy lighting, plus minor texturing improvements (no that one BSP error wasn't fixed, but I tried everything damnit, EVERYTHING)
  • Player-spawned seeking projectiles have been fixed across the board
  • Increased Super Balls' damage from 185 to 200 and increased max wall hits from 75 to 90
  • Increased TurboGasbag health from 250 to 275 (trivial, but prevents them from being one-shotted by EnergyAR bolts, just like in Demo 3) & GiantTurboGasbag health from 12000 to 16000

There's more stuff, too, and a lot of the balance changes really improve the gameplay experience.

Get it here:

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