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v1.3 is out! Features some fixes to the ragdoll behaviour

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BETA 1.3

[CHANGE] -Fixed ragdoll behaviour, was too slow in 1.2

BETA 1.2
[NEW] -Added stage 1 of the new awesome gore system
[NEW] -Hit indicator. Shows what your last shot hit (damage, distance, bodypart) (Use cl_showdi to turn on/off)
[NEW] -Death indicator. Shows what killed you (type of ammo used) (Use cl_showdc to turn on/off)
[NEW] -Added sight delay for heavy frame + slower animation
[NEW] -More awesome weapon sounds
[NEW] -More awesome ragdolls
[NEW] -Added helmets to armor
[NEW] -Press h for help screen
[CHANGE] -Fall damage. Very increased. Falling from 3m+ will seriously hurt and 6m+ will kill you.
[CHANGE] -Changed suppressor cost to 500$ (was 700$)
[CHANGE] -Removed inherent AP bonus for large calibers (anything larger than .357 had +3AP)
[CHANGE] -Slowed down movement speed by 15%
[CHANGE] -More awesome ragdolls
[FIX] -Fixed .22 damage on first spawn (was 8, should be 16)
[FIX] -Fixed audio bug on crowbar secondary attack


thank you for the update

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It appears server's only launch in LAN mode, maybe that's why there are no online servers?

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