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In a few days i'll try to release the final version of this mod, so keep look for it!

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As i've written in the description this mod focuses on bringing a modern wordly atmosphere to the original amnesia tdd maps and it is also compatible with most of the custom stories released, without changing the story (it would be very hard) and the base of the gameplay!

As you can see, many models and elements were grabbed from Penumbra and Amnesia - A machine for pigs, due to the high compatibility of these games with the Amnesia Level Editor suite. I also used some great custom models made by other players, i tried to put all these things together, and i think i did my best, not everything is possible because this mod does not change anything in the levels themselves, i hope it will be compatible with any upcoming custom stories in the future! I do not own any of these models, i just grabbed and edited them myself, they were created by other people, so when you give a rating, refer only how this whole thing fits together and how much it entertains you!

The mod will include a custom story also, which was made from the old maps i haven't finished for any custom story, it will demonstrate my mod's effects perfectly, because you can play it in the original game and with my mod also! It will maybe released a week or more later than the 1.0 version of Time Distortion.

Details will be included in a readme file, as well as the appropriate credits, because many people helped me in creating this mod with models, useful tips, and stuff like that. Very big thanks for them, and for Frictional Games for these great games and letting modders use AAMFP and Penumbra elements in their stories!

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