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0.90? Yes. It's 90% complete. I wanted this release to only leave out scenes but I ran out of time. As a result Freelancer and banners will come in a few days.

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Well met, traveller! This is Morrowind: House Wars 0.90 for Warband.

Morrowind: House Wars v0.90

0.90? That's right. It's not as finished as I would've liked but I really didnt want to move the release date. It is fully playable and I dare say enjoyable.

House Wars House Wars

There's no freelance and banners. Those are the 2 small but important things I didn't quite have time to finish (it is wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 05:56am)

House Wars

There will be a bugfixing/finalising/balancing update + freelancer some time very soon. but for now, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Tamriel: Bloodline's End news.

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7ty7 - - 785 comments

That was quick :D

Thanks for the release!

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OrmirOfSkyrim Author
OrmirOfSkyrim - - 526 comments

You're welcome :)

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Olku_ - - 2,074 comments

Awesome :)

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promytius - - 2 comments

Brand new here - loved Morrowind, filled 2 castles with loot, played all the DLCs, played with 100's of mods, now it doesn't run on my PC; bought on Steam, still doesn't run.
Where do I go to learn how to use this mod and play the best game ever, again?

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diwoods7 - - 13 comments

You need mount and blade Warband to play it.

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promytius - - 2 comments

I have to buy another game to play this game?


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Guest - - 688,627 comments

This isn't a game, its a mod. If that's your attitude, you may just be in the wrong place.

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