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v0.7x update info : all childhood game combined dota&war3;&lol;½ life&counter; strike

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V0.760 changes:

1. A new hero in LOL culture.

2. Firearms that fire repeatedly in CS Counter-Strike control mode now need to fire repeatedly with the left Ctrl and the left mouse button.

Ⅴ 0.750 changes:

1. The attack mechanism and range of melee heroes have been adjusted. Now, it is necessary to press the left mouse button to attack in one or three person mode (keep pressing to attack continuously), while the original automatic attack will be used in RTS control mode (in all modes, it will automatically attack when close to the enemy in front without any button).Players in non-RTS mode will no longer deal damage to neutral units in towns.

2. Mightless Kill and Alpha Assault abilities now require enemies to be within range of them to trigger.

3, hate/butcher no longer has an additional mode of the third person (T), before the new mode of the third person primarily to the camera shows the whole body, and the butcher skills using hook hook release in this mode the position is not very accurate, so the additional third person hero is disabled, only use the chapter by default the third person.(in the third person of whole body showed in turn melee attack is not very sensitive, so best melee heroes melee chop down a person, is in T cut to fray the default camera) repair decay smog in only if the damage to the enemy will harm their own bug (now open after the default on their trace damage).

4. Removed Half-Life Machine Gunner's melee with Gatling Arch, now it is completely a ranged hero. All ranged heroes attack by pressing the left Ctrl key no matter what mode, adjust the release time of the ranged hero's attack trajectory.

V0.730 changes: updated content:

Half-life 1 V club culture hero gunner change into four skills after use can make oneself have the ability to counter strike CS, will fight to counter-strike perspective of fingerprint, a skill is the use of CS or the hl melee weapons such as knife, two skills is to use some of the gun, three skills is to use even shot gun, four skills are throwing or C4 functionality, press the key skills qser (not the RTS mode are the keys by default) to switch from the third person to counter-strike FPS control mode, when you are in the condition of a certain skill to press this key again,For example, if a point-firing gun presses S again, it will revert to the third person state. If you press a different skill key, such as a point-firing gun presses Q, you don't need to revert to the third person state and switch to Counter-Strike Weapon Control in this mode.Wheel button can switch mode can use the skill of guns (not in shifts, random ChouHuan gun) mouse the left key shoot right in play (infinite elastic temporarily, right click to see action), in particular, the right mouse button and click melee weapons are attacked, C4, the right mouse button to enter the password, click is placed (C4 temporarily only action to see).

2. Adjusted the release frame time of some of Warcraft's ranged heroes to be closer to the action when the release is completed.

3. Fixed a bug where it was possible to cut back from Red Army Soviet barracks model to Native village model in a large map village.

4. Position of Mighty Kill and Alpha Assault Slash effects has been adjusted

V0.720 changes: updated content:

1. Alpha Strike abilities against Mighty Kill will be set to stay where they landed at the end of their cast, and will now walk back to where they were before they were cast

2. Since the third-person lens adjustment of V0.700 makes it inconvenient to observe Butcher - Abominable Hook, press T in the third-person Battle Group control mode to switch between the original default lens and the newly added full-body lens, and it is suggested to change the original first-person default button of R

3. It is no longer necessary to turn on the cheat mode and use CTRL + F5 to control the main character in RTS control mode. The current third-person Warband control mode and RTS-1/2 cut back to Warband control mode are changed to press N, and the intertangent between RTS1 and RTS2 is still M.

4. Fixed an issue where the player entered the battlefield without being in the selection state but with a mark on the top of his head. It now enters the RTS selection state by default, and pressing F1 in RTS mode will quickly bring the player into the selection control.

5. Added neutral WC3 units to taverns and town and village arenas. Heroes no longer damage WC3 neutral units in towns, taverns, etc.

6. Pushing "U" to call out the giant projector will now disable/use this function by pressing "Y" after "U" is called out.

7. Player hero health points increased to 5, and fixed the animation scene when the actual death and no resurrection animation.

8. Added field units and ICONS, War3 Terranian flying units of Phoenix and Dragon-Hawk Knight, when meeting a certain range, Mighty Kill and Alpha Assaute can still cut them, Butcher Hooks can also hook these air units.

The Spirit of Vengeance can now be converted to a maximum of 4 friendly units, which can be retained at most 4 units. When lost, it will no longer be converted to a many-to-1 unit, but will only consume one of the current units.

V0.700 changed content: Updated content:

1. Red Alert 3 map icon temporarily changed to Soviet military, in which the city is the base icon, the village is the Soviet barracks icon, the training ground is the technology building icon, and the remaining Soviet buildings are allocated in order of the fortress.

2. The interface of normal control mode is unified with that of RTS mode. The camera of normal character control mode is adjusted and lowered.

3. Under normal control mode, the skill button is changed to QSER, while under RTS control mode, it is still changed to QWER, and magic regeneration is added.

4. In the mode of Angry Birds map, the problem that people on the opposite side would bounce to other places was fixed, and the support personnel at the bottom was fixed to increase the judgment of the problem that people above people were stuck in the air during the shaking process.

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