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Today on 28 may 2011, The Black-Widow Community have released the V0.5 Beta dev of the BW-BSG mod.

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Dear Battlestar Galactica fans.
Today, We have released the Version 0.5 BETA of this mod.
What has been added?
We added the Battlestar Pegasus, Galactica and Valkyrie.
The Viper Mark II has been updated, now it has blinklights on its wings and its able to do a barrel roll, even when in a mid-fight. Yes! You can now act as a real Viper Mark 2 pilot and pwn the frak out of cylons with your barrel roll skills.
The basestar number 3 has been added.

Do note: We are currently in progress of adding a Cylon Raider and the Colonial Raptor bomber.

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