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A quick update about why this update took so long and what is to come.

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Hey guys! I'm back and with it brought 0.1.2 (which will be updated shortly).

So why did this version take so long? Well, the entire team has been busy with their life for the past few months. Things come up and we all got sidetracked. Plus, some of the stuff we were working on became buggy and glitchy so we had to constantly rewrite it.

About a week before we released V0.1.0, the mod was actually unplayable. Loading up the game would cause crashes so we decided to redo everything from the ground up. Now, we have a better plan of attack for handling different things. Of course, technology will take longer to come out because we're planning it entire from scratch rather than trying to link up to the current tech path.

Anyway, the best way to contact us is probably on Steam, a PM to me here, or on our public Discord server here:

Here is what we will put in the next update:

Change Log

The mod will be updated every other Friday as of now.

See you later guys and stay tuned for the next update!

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