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It is now released. This is meant for utdemo people, the ful one is way better for the ones who paid for ut!

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Extreme 0.6 for UT Demo.
Developed by: Epic Games & Digital Extremes & BlackCheetah
Distributed by: BlackCheetah


The demo mod folder contains a Limited Total Conversion (v0.5) version of the developing Full mod.

Contains 1 DM map, 2k4-Rankin, and 3 game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Arena Master, and 1 Model: Jakob.


Do not at all mix this folder with default UTdemo files. Insert the whole of UT2004ExtremeDEMO on to C:\ TournamentDemo or where ever you installed the demo version of UT and apply the folder fully and standalone away from all other files such as System and Textures.

Search in Music folder of game folder and copy Saveme.umx into C:\TournamentDemo\UT2004ExtremeDemo\Music.

After doing that you are able to start UnrealTournament.exe and begin FRAGGING!!!


The game play is a almost exact mimic of UT2004 except there is no limit to wall dodging (which is why it is extreme).

The following weapons are available. Linkgun, Impact Hammer, Shockrifle Rifle 2k4, Minigun2k4, Rocket Launcher 2k4, Flak cannon 2k4, Biorifle 2k4, Lightning Gun.

The models size to map scale is exact as UT2004.

This mod is meant to exactly bring a UT2004Demo Experience while the full one will be as Full UT2004.



and yes this is limited, you can't add maps, have 1 mode, and 3 gametypes. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->


mmm... where is the Demo??

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BlackCheetah Author

Check again! Take it!

eff yeah!

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