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Artillery given to commander for useful functioning. In testing stages.

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We bring you this update to show what we have done for mobile artillery vehicles. As they are now they are hard to use therefore useless ingame at the moment. To solve this for now we have given control to the commander. All current testing is code in the works but as we progress we may update the current game to get feedback. Both teams will eventually be equal on firepower. For carrier based maps we have updated and tweak the sparrow launcher. We have a video to show the updated in testing.

Screenshot 6


Hey, very nice. One issue, on the Medina Ridge map, the AI dont like to get into the many tanks dug around the points. Would it be possible to fix that?

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Guedoe Author

Noted, its on the list, thanks!

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Nice mod.But how to play insurgency and umm qasr docks in the single player mode?I found that these maps have ai but I can only play in the conquest mode.

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