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Here are some of the most useful links for OHRRPGCE games and development. Heck yes.

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The OHRRPGCE community is not an easy one to break into. Many of its finest resources are hidden within the recesses of the wiki or otherwise. So here's some awesome links!

The OHRRPGCE Wiki is the most comprehensive resource for developers and players alike. It's the first and last resource for...well, most anything related to the OHR:

Castle Paradox is the premier community resource for the OHRRPGCE, including game lists and reviews as well as great forums. Check 'em out:

Slime Salad is the other premier community resource for the OHRRPGCE! It also has game lists, reviews, and well populated forums. It's a bit smaller in scope than Castle Paradox, but an equally good resource:

Hamster Speak Magazine is dedicated to OHR news, reviews, features, and other neat stuff. Going strong for nearly 4 years, this monthly magazine is priceless; luckily, it's also free. The backlog of issues are a great resource for newcomers to the community:

Finally, Paul Eres' (AKA Rinku Hero) series of articles on Creating a Game are nearly ten years old, and they're still a great resource for some very interesting ideas on game design, especially as it pertains to the OHR:

Got any other good links? Send me a message, and I'll put it in here!

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