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Read our article for fresh information about the development status of USC, Beta 1 features, and the upcoming "Beta Test Program".

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About Beta 1

The Beta 1 version of USC, available from multiple distributors (GamersGate and IndieGameStand) now, is not an "ordinary" Beta. (You can also support USC on IndieGogo to get a digital copy among other perks!) It features two COMPLETE game modes with the core gameplay experience and content all balanced and polished, and the TCP/IP-based multiplayer mode is also functional (though surely can and will be improved). The Campaign mode and a few interesting Scenarios (along with bug fixes on need) are going to make the game truly complete, planned Q2 2014.

Playable are the Single Missions and the Defend the Base! sessions, latter being 10 missions long very challenging battles with the ability to build and customize your own base, manage your resources, and try to ultimately survive the days on a deadly planet. Random map-based Single Missions can be set up with 5 major objectives, various sub-objectives, secondary conditions, different environments and map layouts, difficulties, handicaps, and more, for single player, co-op or PvP sessions.

But that's not all. You don't simply complete missions. You customize and gear up your squad, save it, and from that moment on, you can always load it to engage in a new battle. You don't gain "Experience Points" per se, because the game is based on a carefully designed balance and nobody may become a superhero, but you can COLLECT crafting materials and special, randomized weapon prototype blueprints that enable you to have better gear (going above your budget by crafting and not buying) and weapons that suit your tactics more. These same squads can enter the challenges of Defend the Base! missions for special rewards (minor budget, weapon power & skill points increases, etc.), and the harder the mission, the more reward they'll get--but the stronger they must be to succeed! Successful missions also get a Score and a Merit, make it to the Hall of Fame, and once we complete this feature, to the on-line ranks as well.

About the Campaign mode

The Campaign will bring a lot of new features into the game. It will be the story of 16 U.S.C. Forces marines who find themselves on the frontlines of war with this new, lethal enemy of humankind, and must make their choices. The Campaign will have a very tense storyline with strategically important dilemmas, and decisions to make. It will feature primary missions, secondary missions and off-plot missions, with even the primary ones randomized to some extent. You'll have to build a base, plan your offensives, avoid casualties the best you can, fight on multiple frontlines, defend your backup teams if necessary (or let them die), collect materials needed for your victory, replenish your ammo and gear stocks by salvaging, crafting--and the list goes on. The game will have fundamentally different endings based on how many of your units survived, what you could and had built, how well you fought, how many and which missions have you completed, and on a few other choices you'll remember for long.

It may seem a very big undertaking, but we can do this, since the game is ready to its core. And even though the Campaign will be somewhat different from other game modes, you will be able to bring your skills and some of your units/gear to it. It will be a tactical experience on a whole new level! Check out USC for yourself now--the battle is waiting for you!

Beta Test Program

Those who purchase USC until February will be able to "compete" in our Beta Test Program for exclusive in-game and real world perks, by doing two things:
-- playing different missions and achieving score and merits;
-- providing useful feedback not just about possible bugs, but improvements they would like to see.

We'll disclose more details soon.

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

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