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An update previewing Urban War's new customization menu design for choosing your class, primary and secondary weapons, attachments, camos, crosshair, and logos.

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In this update, we will be showing our new design for our multi-player customization menu. This customization menu will allow you to choose your player class, your primary and secondary weapons, attachments and camouflages for your weapons, and crosshair design.

The customization menu hasn't been coded in yet, but this will give an idea as to how it will look in the game.

We will be "borrowing" a Call of Duty's: Black Ops feature involving the ability to place your own custom logo on your weapon. We have an idea for a relatively easy method to implement such a feature. The only tricky part might be allowing you to see another player's logo after killing them and taking their gun. We will not have any in game logo editor, however you will be able to create your logo in any image editor you like and then place your logo into the game's directory where it can then be selected in the customization menu.

Ghost_Fang - - 825 comments

Great work guys, sounds like a really cool feature. Keep it up.

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~YouPhailToAmuse - - 136 comments

If we can make our own emblems or whatever you're calling them, I imagine there will be a lot of penises and pornographic images, are you doing anything to stop this? It would be fine if you don't but I'm sure no-one wants to see that.

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ArchDukeInstinct Author
ArchDukeInstinct - - 709 comments

We will definitely be trying to stop crap like that. We'll most likely add the ability for players to be reported and then added to a global IP ban list that is checked by all servers before allowing someone to join. This list will also be used against hackers, and people who abuse glitches. Since the reporting process might take a while, we will also add the option to block another player's logo from appearing.

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werty2517 - - 242 comments

Nice guys!

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Paroxysm-Interactive - - 54 comments

Great work keep it up :D

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