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A brand new building upgrade system is in the works.

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Greetings Fans and Followers of Lazy Fish!

We apologize for the long radio silence! We are busy revamping the building upgrade system to be more engaging.

True to his Lazyness , our Fish has passed his duty to clean the tank over to his kids! Soon they’ll be able to help around the tank to clean it up and maintain the buildings!

Here is an early look at the new building upgrading system!

For reference here is how our old upgrading system looked like.

old upgrade

As you can see it’s not really much to do .

Introducing our new and improved building upgrade system which we have renamed “Maintenance”.

new maintenance 1

With this, you can put a baby fish that you have into a building and have them maintain them for you. Of course you need to give them an allowance for doing this or they won’t maintain the building for you anymore!

new maintenance 2

All this and more are currently in the works and we hope it wont be too long before you guys get to try this new system out.

Thank you for your continued support of Lazy Fish! Keep on jumping and may the eggs be ever in your favor!

More information on Gameka can be found here!

Lazy Fish Open Beta can be downloaded here

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