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Hey everyone. Just like to give a little news on the mod.

So first of all, I've posted a couple of different pics here and there this week. Basically I've been working on my texturing and lighting skills (lighting still not up to par but its getting there.)

Also, production on this mod kinda halted for a little while. During that time, I studied the environments of DXIW and now, I'm trying to bring in some of those elements to this game while still staying true to the original.

Pequods and QueeQueg will be back with those side missions. Just another way to make some money or earn some equipment.

I've got a lot of different concepts as to how the story will flow, but I want it to match up with all the story details from the 1st and 2nd game, and possibly the 3rd (all though i have not gotten to play it yet :( ) So I'm taking a lot of time to study all of the different story lines to formulate the right plot.

Also, thanks to anyone that has been checking the mod out from time to time. I get a lot of encouragement when I see people posting comments on the profile.

I'll be posting more material in hopefully in the near future.

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