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Update #5 and #6 Revised the maps. Currently working on part 1 and part 2 of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man". Part 3 is really big than originally intended. So I decided to release in episodes. Check below for more details.

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Update #5

- changed the map layout a bit to reduce compiling errors
- added vehicles, bmps, helicopters, to attack player when defending the city
- enemies now come into the city by trucks


- added the bridge scene to transition into the city
- Team 3 is now in the unplayable city, the player would have to do some sniping support
- the player would have to diffuse 4 bombs in ORDER and diffuse the server that controls the remote detonator
- fight on the bridge to advance into city

Main thing is the player has to find the bomb. And I will be adding a bar hud to show the progress and a timer of 5 mins to diffuse the bomb.

What happens after the bridge scene is for you to find out after the map is released!

The link below is to show you a preview of the bridge scene. Enjoy!

Please constructive criticism please, no bashing allowed.


Update #6

- added helicopter insertion to part 2 (heli map)
- added spy (may have mentioned but certainly, tweaked the spy)
- part 1 is almost completed
- part 2 is 99% completed

No videos for this sorry.

- fixed a lot of stuff for part 1
- instead of mindless defend for defending the town, the friendly AI take defensive positions in buildings from the left, front and right side of the city.
- tents removed from the bridge, looks odd to me too lol :D
- can't really do anything for the water, I mean, it's not pond. The bridge is really long so that just shows that the distance of the water is long.
- Key reason for failing the bridge objective: Hints: Propaganda (for those of you who played Company of Heroes) and artillery strike
- friendly reinforcements after falling back/retreating to the desert starting position and then helicopter insertion to the connected town across the bridge.
- friendly AI can now flank enemies.
- bridge may have more details depending on if the game favours more models and brushes or else assertive errors occur, which is really annoying to fix.

No videos for this sorry.

No release day yet for part 1 and 2. May be released at the end of the month or sometime in September or Christmas break. I will have testers to ensure my maps are working properly and are fun before release.

As always, constructive criticism. I can assure you I have improved a lot.

Good day!

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