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An overwhelming response, and a glimpse at the future

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EDIT: I've just created a twitter account to keep you informed on future projects! It's also being moderated by a certain sardonic personality...

Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the response this game has been getting. This graph of the game's views might give you an idea of why my Thursday was like:

Seriously, I could not possibly be more grateful for the attention and response the game has been getting. Ars Technica is doing a sort of 'book club' that I'll be eager to follow, hearing people discuss the game is absolutely fascinating for me.

As far as future projects go, I'm going to start work on a remake of the game featuring the talents of people who are far more skilled at level design than I. If you have a skillset you believe qualifies you to work on the remake, send me an email at I'll update this page with more info later, but for now send me a heads up if you're interested.

Finally, I'll be at PAX this month as an Enforcer, so if you see someone named Cakebread entertaining you in line feel free to stop and say hi!

evee44 - - 25 comments

Notch tweeted this? Cool! I found it through MaxOfS2D's video.

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DarkPivot - - 699 comments

Same. ^^

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ponpat - - 129 comments

Damn if I find a mod, think its great and bring 5 friends to play it I feel like super powered! But now bringing my 5 friends to this mod feels sooo little :'( I am happy for you that notch tweeted this and I think he should promote some more mods :D There are many other great mods who also should get more attention :)

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rayne117 - - 2 comments

Found it through RPS.

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the.gene.genie - - 1 comments

Thank you so much for creating this absolutely fantastic mod!

Everything about it is so professionally implemented.

Excellent narrator, superior black humor, remarkable storytelling, and very suspenseful.

Kudos to you for all your hard work.

I look forward to your future projects. I'm sharing this with everyone I know.

I found the mod through the link on Ars Technica.

I hope you get a lot of attention and exposure for your talents and it opens many new doors for you.

Best Wishes.

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darthmaul22 - - 2 comments

I actually found this by looking for any good-looking mods to play. After looking through the comments I thought "Wait, Notch tweeted it??".

The usual praises about the narrator.

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