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I know it has been long since last update, so giving list of what i want to be seen done in the next updates

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This is sort of like a fix/feature list i want to complete.

Make M82 even more overpowered in the hidden kit (explosion radius)
Make rocket launcher lock onto heat objects, make tracer (c4 with heat object on it)
ScarL added and animated (thanks to 7game)
create a new texture for KNIFE??
remove scope off RPG? RPG crosshair disabled
RPG rocket should sway randomly

Get all xpack maps to convert into 1on1 deathmatch arena style

LIST Xpack:
Devil's Perch
Ghost Town'
Iron Gator
Mass Destruction
Night Flight

***Car Park**
ReLightmap without point lights
Find a method of getting nightmaps in bfeditor

Tank Battle
Boat Battle (Fiji)
Sniper Battle

1on1 Features

***New stuff wanted***

Snow map w/ snowmobiles, snow humvee, snow camo/weapons are already done, it would bee coolOnce all these problems are fixed i will release, but i could release "half versions" which has some features to prevent watingBattle of Britain map using Clive's Spitfires!!

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I'm keen for a 2.5.

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