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The list of updates, I will be explaining how I will make to post, the auidos that ModDB is not showing. I hope you may be leaving your thoughts on the mod. I thank all who are following him.

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A: I can not find the list of updates, help me Lesnitsky?

R: The list of updates is in this link:

ModDB Error

I do not know why, when I put an audio, the ModDB not available it on the main page, pay attention to the videos section, this one with the dark lyrics, if you guys clicked, there will have a audio.

Then I will do the following for you guys not get disoriented, each new sound that I post, I'll leave the link here, I'll be updating every day I post a new sound.

Heads up :

Currently I posted only one sound. Please see here:

Version 1.0

I am importing the sounds of footsteps. (100% Completed)
Sons of Mutants being added (70% completed)
Setting of new sounds (100% Completed)
New backpack sounds (100% Completed)

When I'm atulizando the page, I hope you can leave your ideas.

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