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Well, I finally got my desktop running again, so I am now capable of getting another release up.

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It's been a little over a year now, since I have last been able to do work on this mod due to my desktop computer going down.

Well, after some much needed work on it, I finally have access to it once more. So, I will be using my much more enhanced knowledge of C&C programming (from all of my work on the C&C 3 version) to enhance this one.

First off, expect a wave of balance updates to hit pretty much every faction, this should even everything out (except for of course, the domination army).

Secondly, bug fixes, I will be checking deeply into the reported problems and seeing what I can do about it.

Thirdly, how it will be released, after so many released, I think I have figured out how to get it into a more convenient compiled .BIG version, so it won't effect your actual game files if and when you choose to un-install the mod.

Anything else, I will just tag onto this news post when I find it necessary.

As for an ETA, that is always unknown until certain. Keep an eye out for now though, I'm looking forward to getting some much needed work done here.

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I suppose the first step to making my work a load easier is a massive re-organization of my files, pretty much how I'm doing it for the C&C 3 Version (For those of you with the C&C 3 mod source).

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