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Just finished the parade data for the Hiigaran and gave the Hiigaran Vaygr shipyard the ability to build the Hiigaran mothership's advanced research module(subsystem) and a changelog.

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Finished the Hiigaran parade data.Will get to test it for errors and if needed updating as well.
Fixed the Hiigaran Vaygr shipyard giving it the ability to build the Advanced Research module(subsystem) and as a result can build the Hiigaran Battlecruiser and other Hiigaran ships that requires the Hiigaran advanced research module(subsystem).
The Vaygr planet killer can now move but not fire and as a result is not buildable.

Removed SP_Tanker build required research restriction.
The Hgn_Vgr_Carrier cannot and will not be able to build the Advanced Research module(subsystem) as it only has two subsystem build points.That is what the shipyard is for.
The Keeper Mover isn't truely built from the shipyard but it is hyperspaced in.

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