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Just some updates and general information on the mod.

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At the moment, work is slowing down a bit, right now there is only a few people working on the mod, and we've all got a lot of school work, this means work is slowing down a bit but not to a halt, we haven't forgotten about it, and we try to work for at least an hour or two everyday. We're hoping for the mod to release in about a month or two if work goes well.

Again, we need some voice actors, so if you'd like to audition, please send an email my way at:, if you can, please attach an audio file of you talking, talk about anything, say your name, your age, why your interested etc.

We're really working hard on this mod and we'll try to release it as soon as possible, and I'll try to update this page from time to time, we hope to get a few more screenshots up and some more news soon!


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