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This update add a lot of new machines and products to the game. Also it add the Singularity Gate, The Laser Drill and more conduits like the Splitter.

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Laser Drill, Singularity Gate, New Conduits and New Machines Update

This update add a lot of new machines and products to the game. Also it add the Singularity Gate, The Laser Drill and more conduits like the Splitter.

Singularity Gate

Singularity Gate, the last building machine that the players has to build in order to come back home and finish the game. The Singularity Gate still in progress but soon the player could complete it. The player first has to build it in the center of the galaxy near of the black hole. Is the unique possible place. Once the foundation is built, the player will have to add more resources to the Gate, so the Gate could add automatically more parts.


When the Gate is finished, the player could go to the center of the Gate and return home and finish the game. The last part still in progress.


Laser Drill


The Laser Drill and other first person objects. We have a 3d model for the laser and a PDA and we will have more objects. Now extract resources from the vein is easier, because the ore will go to the player, so the player only has to extract all the mineral that need to work.


New Factories

New Factories. A long list of new factories that the player will need for creating new products. The goal of the new products is the building of the Singularity Gate. The Gate needs some special products and the player has to add this products to advance in the next part of the Gate. It still improvement, however the main idea is developed and now it needs to be polished.



New Conduits

New Conduits. With the new conduits, the player could build factories in different levels of altitude. The idea is to compress the factories, because in the future the building area will be limited. With the splitter, the player could design easier the production lines.




Improved Solar System Map

The Solar system map has been upgraded. Now the player can see asteroid belts and also see different orbits.


The list of Updates and Fixes:

  • Added Core now deployed in a good spot.
  • Added Asteroid sounds.
  • Added Key binding with numpad.
  • Added Curved,Up and Down Conduits.
  • Added Splitter Conduit.
  • Added Singularity Gate. The final building in order to finish the game.
  • Added Central Galaxy Map, the place where the player has to put the Singularity Gate.
  • Added New musics.
  • Added Equip/UnEquip Sounds.
  • Added PDA, the 3d model is temporal.
  • Added PDA Sound.
  • Added 1920x1200 resolution.
  • Added New functionality to the Foundry. Now the foundry can create Titanium Ingots.
  • Added Advanced Hydraulic Press. This new machine creates Titanium Plates from Titanium Ingots, Titanium-Vanadium Plates from Titanium-Vanadium Ingots and Silice from quartz.
  • Added Titanium-Vanadium Foundry. This machine creates Titanium-Vanadium from Titanium Ingot, Vanadium and Acid.
  • Added Printed Circuit Boards Factory. This new machine creates Printed Circuit Board from Copper Plate, Silicon, Quartz and Plastic.
  • Added Microprocessors Factory. It creates Microprocessors from Iron Plate, Graphene, Quartz and Plastic.
  • Added Electronic Components Factory. The Factory creates Electronic Components from Printed Circuit Boards, Microprocessors, Titanium-Vanadium Plate and Plastic.
  • Added The Acid Generator. The Acid Generator uses Water, Sulfur and Electricity to produce Acid.
  • Added Graphene Factory. Creates Graphene from Coal and Plastic.
  • Added New Products: Printed Circuit Boards, Microprocessors, Electronic Components, Titanium Ingot, Titanium Plate, Titanium-Vanadium Ingot, Titanium-Vanadium Plate, Graphene...
  • Added Particle systems and sounds to the extraction action of the player.
  • Added Laser Drill 3d Model.
  • Added New Sounds to the Laser Drill.
  • Added First Person Arm.
  • Updated requirement value of the Hydraulic Press.
  • Improved internal loop of main menu.
  • Improved Solar system with asteroid belts and orbits.
  • Improved Tutorial GUI.
  • Improved Tech GUI.
  • Improved Statistics GUI.
  • Fixed problem with spaceship, when the player puts the core.
  • Fixed problem with ship controller when the core is removed.
  • Fixed problem with spaceship jump without core.
  • Fixed problem with version in the main menu.
  • Fixed problem with the continue button.

Thank you for your support and patience.

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