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Believe it or not, a ton of work has been going on almost constantly for the past three years!

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OK, I'll freely admit - I'm not the greatest at keeping this page up to date. Or the mod itself, in terms of public releases. But to be fair, I've been bustin' ass working on the gameplay, code backend, level design, features, etc. Everything. And it's all coming along SO WELL.

I really want to get a new update pushed out fairly soon. ModDB still only has the download links for the v5 editions, while the EXU Forums have the v6 content, but v6 doesn't include the full loadout of campaign maps yet - only 1-11.

I need to finish Map 12's remake, then replay 13-16 since I haven't touched those in years. They'll likely need some modernization for the v6 codebase before they're ready to roll.

Once I get Maps 1-16 all packed up and pushed out the gate, I'm looking forward to starting something fresh for the campaign. Maybe a new map from scratch? We'll just have to see!

I'd like to include some screenshots of new stuff, but most of it is the kind of thing that's hard to illustrate with static images. I've uploaded a video instead of some enhanced rocketry in action. Hope you enjoy!


Tbh, I have trouble believing a new version of EXU2 is getting released. Mostly because it seems to be the ONLY thing in Unreal/UT99 that's actually getting released while other projects (i.e. The Chosen One, Firestorm, ect.) are either dead or on hold till further notice. Sad really. Sorry for such a downer comment.

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Waffnuffly Author

Really? I've released new EXU content almost every single year for the past decade or so (shrug)

Sometimes it takes a while, but it gets done

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