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After some feedback I decided to improve graphics, here are results.

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Here is "before and after" preview:

Desktop 08 11 2015 2 35 25 251

Desktop 08 11 2015 2 39 17 526

GreenGlassGames - - 6 comments

Nice improvement! If you continue to constantly and gradually increase the polish of the game like that you'll end up with one fine piece of art indeed ;)

Also... What if you tried to add a vignette effect?

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bestplay Author
bestplay - - 2 comments

Thank you! Doing my best to improve it :)

Honestly there is a slight vignette effect in these screenshots. But for some reason it decreases fps on mobile devices and makes gameplay totally not enjoyable. So I removed it from the demo.

Did you try the demo? Any things i should improve? Some feedback would be awesome!

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GreenGlassGames - - 6 comments

There is? Wow that's subtle :D

Speaking from experience: post processing effects do have a tendency to be resource intensive. We haven't had the pleasure to work with Ludei, but the Unity engine clearly has a performance cost when adding them, especially on mobile platforms.

After playing the demo we can't say that something is wrong, only that it still feels - unfinished (especially the menu system).

For some reason we'd like to see how the game would look like "underwater" themed, but that's just a curious thought :)

We too are currently developing an Android game. It's called "Don't Hit Blocks!", it's here on SlideDB. Just as you, we would love to hear some feedback! (On our page of course :P)

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