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Hello everyone, today I made an important announcement!

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And so friends, I have already finished identifying the critical errors of the mod about which you have written so long, and now I'm working on tricks and events, soon vrmya, where in a week there will be a release of fashion for Steam and of course here BUT before the release I will publish a team diary about what we did for a month, I hope you're happy and waiting for this mod .... okay so that this message was not so boring I'll attach some history that my team did hope you enjoy:)

  • India: India, one of the countries of all the BRICS countries or the future world power has since independence a BOOM demographic jamas view more important than China at the level of the population, the large fertile land and the hand It can be costly and numerous to greatly help the development of the economy. But the tensions in the Kashmir region between China and India in the 1950s and 1960s led to a direct war that resulted from a Chinese territorial victory which forced India to surrender. 'Aksai to the profile of China. The past two years the economy is not bad but the big crisis has hit. india a country where the industry is not totally flexible or even centralized has been severely affected by the crisis unemployment has gone up (and I am kind in saying fleche leaning more towards mountain short '^^) . The army saw its manpower halve the officer was made to make an arm's length decision. What is arranging China, somehow after the intrusion into the north of Kashmir by the Chinese army, was becoming more and more numerous, which caused a great war between the two blocs to break out. The Chinese army was still well prepared and many better prepared to crush the Indian division 1 Chinese chinese for 3 Indian! India still has a problem in resuming or even defending these conditions, depending on the point of, but this is the uk has no one to help it, the turning point of this revolt is the detachment of the Scotland of The United Kingdom, which has greatly weakened the economic power of the country, since most of the oil reserves were in the north but also militarily the nationalists were taking the opportunity and capturing all the military equipment in the Nordic base. not only weakened the government but also gave courage to another separatist group. It's like the kingdom of walls took its independence and ireland took the strategic port of belfast to support claims in the north of the island. END

India Raj

  • UK ( doesn't exist): Who does not know UK? the country that has conquered the half of the planet in the colonial era is now a country plow in the misere let's resume since the beginning. uk was one of the first countries to join the european union, and also the first to come out, the government judged more right to bet all for the all and to take the distance of europe as the tres "The expense has become a big joke if our continental brothers want to sink that they do it without us!" this is how things become interesting for the governments to use an economy and isolationist diplomacy which has strongly degrade the relationship not even with the european countries but the whole world all goes well seen the current state of the world until the great crisis, the revolt began to arise from the ways that protest against the diplomacy isolasioni

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  • Pacific: After the second depression of 2035 full of revolt explode in the USA the martial laws was declared democracy is only a distant memory, in these panic movement a group of separatist command by multis national leaders turn to the mercantile and the promise to uphold the basic laws of democracy and human rights seen on the west coast of Canada and the US. Days after days the ranks of his group increased, until the night or at a meeting of this one in Las Vegas was attacked by a swat slate of 30 dead and 12 wounded it was the drop of water that spilled the vase , the next day the Pacific Confederation was proclaiming a revolt never seen in the history of America, the US male armies prepare, demoralize by the instabiliters were wagered by General Richard Harisson, 2 month of unstoppable batall the US government has abdicate has recognized the Pacific Confederation and Konrad Patrickson as his new president and the creation of a new country antlantic confederation

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  • ATC: United States a country that has since the second world war reign over the world, first economic and political military economy with the formation of NATO with the policy of "taking the risk". But even the strongest nation must one day or another slip away to give way to a new leader, these are what happen at the beginning of the 21st century the new mastodent "China" and their comunist and liberal ideology which has no more in the USA fear of losing influence in Asia, a new cold war has come to light. As against the USSR and the US, the two countries make it an arms race and economically the expense will literally explode, which has no more to the people of the two nations, especially in the confrontation between civil and armed force. explode, but until now everyone was "under control" to announce trump during his 2nd election. But the 2nd great depression to strike and the American economic policy to bear on the risk did not arranger unemployment almost almost tripled! The revolts explode like tumors among all this wave of panic the countries of the NATO was more confidence in their leader (each one for either) what to come in November 2035 at the official deontment of NATO. The state of the US is so bad that all the territory is in abeyance to the profile of a new Pacific Confederation nation, the US will resume their place as in the good old days? or agonize and fall into oblivion? up to you to decide!

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  • Germany, the great loser of World War II, has seen its economy become literally torn apart, but with the help of NATO, its economy quickly emerges to overtake that of France and the united kingdom since the UK brexit. The importance of Germany in the midst of the EU has made it want to expand not militarily but peacefully, that's how thanks to Germany's merkel to lead the EU. But in 2035 the big crisis hit all economy in fondue like ice. 2036 The giant used to eclipse with him the decision of NATO the same, Germany quickly understood that only the union will take the right of this catastrophe, neither one nor two a new alliance more raprocher of the vasalisation to the profile of Germany in all the former member of the European Union, for economic and political reasons and militarily to be able to face the two super power China and Russia then emerged victorious from the 2 cold war against the USA.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 08 18

Will see in release good luck!

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