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We discuss the upcoming version 2.0 of the demo, and reveal that we're releasing the production files for public use!

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In the coming weeks, we are releasing version 2.0 of the gameplay demo for Alone. In this version, we have completely fixed all of the bugs and crashes in the previous version of the demo, which, sadly, made it unplayable. Not only have we fixed all of the game-breaking bugs, but we have also added a bit of new content, as well as an entirely new map: the reimagined version of Saxon Avenue.

We're very pleased that, even after initially releasing a terrible, broken demo, people have decided to give this mod their attention and feedback.

However, our biggest decision yet is to release all of the production files (editable Valve Hammer Editor files, Photoshop project files, weapon models and scripts, etc.) for public download and use.

Now, I'd like to take time to answer a few questions that some people might have.

Q: Are we allowed to edit the production files, so as to edit the actual mod (once it's released)? For example, can we open the editable .rmf file of Saxon Avenue in Valve Hammer Editor, add items/weapons/monsters/etc., and then compile it, therefore overwriting your mod's playable .bsp file(s)?

A: Absolutely! While it might differ from our version of the mod, if you think something should've been added, or you wanted to upgrade a part of the map, or even just add a ton of weapons and monsters and screw around, then by all means, go ahead!

Q: Are we allowed to use assets and level design from the production files in our own projects?

A: Of course, so long as you credit the original creator of those assets. The whole reason we are releasing the source files is for people to learn from them, and to encourage creativity. Also, since the custom weapon/monster/item models are not all originally ours, we have included the original .zip files that those models came with, along with .txt files crediting their original creators. If you intend to use any of these assets in your own projects, be sure to credit their original creators, meaning: not necessarily us.

Q: Do these production files represent the finished product?

A: No, not at all; in fact, we plan to occasionally update the production files available on ModDB after significant progress has been made. This way, people can see our creative process throughout various stages of development. Not only that, but if my laptop were to, god forbid, break/get stolen, then we would have a recent backup online (don't worry, though; we have additional backups on an external hard drive, too).

We hope you enjoy the upcoming demo, and that you will be able to utilize/learn from/tinker around with the production files that will soon be released.

Thanks again!

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