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Cheat Pack Updates to V1.1! New world and vassal decisions available!

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Changes to Cheat Pack General:

Insta-American: Modified, If playing as America one can force their vassals to join the union.

New file Cheat Pack Other:

ClaimCores: All provinces which you have a core on become yours.

ClaimVase: All vassals and substrates territory becomes yours.

CivVase: All vassals become civilized

SmartVase: All vassals that have NOT already been effected by this decision gain 50 Years worth of research points. (Note: Kind of buggy)

SmartVaseV2: All vassals gain 25000 research points irrelevant of if they have already had the decision.

ClaimAlly: Annex all allies

ClaimSphere: Annex your entire sphere

DeclaimCorelands: Removes other countries cores from your provinces

Changes to Cheat Pack tests:

world_civilized2: Was broken now removed.

world_ours: Gain core on entire world (note buggy)

world_assimilate: World assimilates to respective nations.

world_free: Every nation that can releases a vassal until it runs out (note: gets messy)

vassal_nerf_lol: Nerfs Vassals so that they remain unable to reach GP status or if you just hate vassals, Only removes prestige.

Changes to Cheat Pack Unions:

insta_scandibatlic_union_scandes: Can form a Scandinavian-Baltic union, Must be Scandinavia.

insta_scandibatlic_union_baltis: Can form a Scandinavian-Baltic union, Must be United Baltic.

insta_benlux_union: Low countries union.

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