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Zero Hour's latest update of 5 new weapons, one new map, Optimizations, and other miscellaneous improvements. This update primarily consists of content updates, but more 'Quality Of Life' improvements are still on the way.

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New Map
Red Wedding

The Major General’s daughter Taniya was to be married to Mashrub on the 4th of January but hell broke loose as Terrorists attacked the venue during the ceremony. Local Officials state at least 40 people have been killed and 15 wounded. If the terrorists manage to capture Taniya, they will use her as leverage to get what they want from the Major. The MS-Unit has been dispatched to the scene with the area in strict lockdown. The venue has already been taken over by terrorists, along with civilians still inside. There are fears the number of dead could rise.

Five New Weapons

Sat right between the distinguished old bolt action Mosin Nagant and the historic AK-47 platform, which dominated for decades. For this reason, the SKS is like the middle child everyone forgot. The SKS-45 is a homely, though robust, rifle. Its metalwork and stock may be crude, but it has proven to be a remarkably reliable rifle, as are most Soviet-made guns. The rifle's lightweight and open style iron sights made acquiring a target easy at even 200 meters. This is available for Terrorists.

Honey Badger:

The honey badger was created at the request of an elite U.S special operations group looking to replace their mp5 SDS with an upgraded platform. Two of the main requirements included the ability to shoot a rifle caliber round while maintaining low visibility, and of course, it needed to retain a high level of suppression. This is available for Counter-Terrorists.


The Mk12 was built for the U.S army to make a smaller, reliable gun and more versatile. The reason is they need something to blend better in urban environments. One of the commonalities of all mark 8 across mark 12's is an 18-inch barrel so that it's long enough to be ballistically effective but short enough to be portable. This is available for the Counter-Terrorists.


The P10C is a polymer-framed striker-fired handgun. It came to market in 2017 for personal defense, and the military introduced this handgun to be a direct competitor of the G-19. This is available for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.


The FAL or, to give its full name, the 'Fusil Automatique Léger', is a battle rifle characterized by its selective-fire ability and chambering for a full-powered rifle cartridge. By modern standards, the FAL is a hefty weapon. Modern assault rifles fire smaller cartridges and make extensive use of polymers to reduce weight while the FAL is a full-size rifle of entire steel construction. This is available for Terrorists.

More Features
Geforce Now Anti-Cheat IssueWe are aware of the issues players face using Geforce Now due to anti-cheat installation being a requirement for Quick-match. Everything from our side has been fixed, we are just waiting for Geforce Now to enable the settings.

Other Improvements:We have optimized all of the maps in-game and added a skip button for the selection phase in CO-OP along with a longer phase duration.

Features not added yet
Mocap EquipmentsThe Mocap Equipments is being delayed due to the unavoidable circumstance. The equipment will help make better and more grounded TPS (Third Person Shooter) animations and further add to our future content experiences. We are very excited for the Mocap equipments to arrive and work with it for Zero Hour.

Updating Network StructureWe haven't gone through with updating the network structure yet, but it will be updated soon with the following few updates. What this will do is give you the best experience with online gameplay. We expect better service and connectivity compared to the prior network structure. It would also further improve our security for anti-cheat detection. This may lead to the removal of unused or unpopular regions to compensate for the more active regions.

More Civillian Models

We have made several new civilian character models which we will add once all the animations are ready. We will soon start implementing the characters into our CO-OP experience which would help add immersion and difficulty to the game.

Many new exciting features such as Squad AI are still on the way along with more updates which we will announce soon. We always hope to progress through smaller patches until the next major update. Thanks to the private testers team for testing out the builds with every internal update to ensure a more polished experience for the public release of the update.

We really appreciate and thank the community for the unconditional support and love for the game.

Update LogsADDED

  • New Playable Map "Red Wedding"
  • New Weapon P10C (Both Sides)
  • New Weapon FAL (T Side)
  • New Weapon SKS (T Side)
  • New Weapon MK12 (CT Side)
  • New Weapon Honey Badger (CT Side)
  • New Co-Op Hostage models
  • New Co-Op Hostage animation sets
  • Execute button for Skipping Selection Phase in Coop


  • "Steam not verified" issue for extended lobbies
  • Switch to Aim Transitions sluggish movement
  • Training Ground DPS targets inaccurate collision
  • Training ground missing casing SFX material
  • Missing sway effect for some weapons


  • Optimization for all maps from Operation Massacre to Operation Meghna


  • Co-Op Planning Phase Duration
  • Co-Op Selection Phase Duration


  • (PvP) Defender Side Resources Readjusted
  • Occlusion Culling all maps
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