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There will be a little bit of an update and the picture i made is just a random picture i made for fun.

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So... there are three photo, clearly showcasing the game
The picture will be not presented in the final game, instead i re-design the whole map from the beginning, and i think that, the chapter will be separated, so it will not make the game big....

I will use some of prefabs that the community is made, and i will credit them. Cause making something is impossible, since i'm the only guy who developed the mod.

Well, i did predicted that the game will maybe not popular as i think, but hopefully... the game got some good reviews from random user of ModDB.

There will be an detail, a little-bit on the game. If the first chapter released, it will had a news "The Mesa Times" and maybe a document of the place, revealing some information and some stuff.
I don't know, when the game will being released.

Every time i make a map, i will test the map to see if there's a leak, bug, lag (Which, i think is because the game we're to big), and error.

I tried to studied on how to use the Valve Hammer Editor, hopefully i can used this program as an easy to make map.

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