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Boring Singleplayer 2 is there. All is easy now. Just install.

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Boring Singleplayer 2 is fun to be played now and then. If at work or home, even your old notebook can run it, forget Angry Birds and try this crazed mod.
You can play most of the original maps in their largest size now. There are no more uncaps, so you can end a match by capturing all the spawn points regardless of the map you are playing. 63 expert Bots will make sure the matches will not be boring.
On some maps, vehicles were changed, so you gonna end up in large attrition battles with many APCs and tanks.

Of course, the Super Medic is still present. Heal yourself and bots, repair vehicles and launch AT rockets.

HP of US vehicles and bots are increased. Ammo magazines and capacity have been increased (not for every vehicle). Create large bomb carpets, fire many missiles, ect. Armored vehicles do not automatically take more damage when heavily damaged.

Bots have different weapons and recover quickly from a sprint.

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