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An update on our progress towards demo 2.0, and info regarding the coming relaunch!

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Hey everyone! A

Thank you all for waiting so patiently; while you've been waiting, we've re-assessed, re-built, and re-thought every aspect of the project with the help of Top Hat, Andy, and our new coder Al Tan. It has been a rough and humbling past few months, but I'm excited to say that the work we have put into the game since November is insane, and the new demo - which I feel is closer to the vision I had for Sense - is finally ALMOST ready.

this is just a test and not in-game

this is just a test and not in-game

We are currently bug-testing the build internally, and Andy is hard at work adding music and SFX for us. All in all, the demo has been revamped completely from the ground up; there is now significant more polish, including a peak into gameplay, new features, polished art assets, new cutscenes, and 2 new locations to explore. It is still very much an early alpha, but as far as tech demos go, I feel that this is a far better representation at what the end product will look like.

That said, we also have some other things to decide in regards to how the kickstarter relaunch will be handled, as well as what we will be offering to backers. With that in mind, we will be putting the demo out ahead of the kickstarter, with about a short gap between the launch of the demo and the following launch of the kickstarter. During that period, we hope to hear plenty of feedback (and bug reports if need be)! I will personally be directing all my attention to things like promo art and kickstarter assets, but it is safe to say that quite a bit has been planned already and we are approaching this campaign with everything we have learned from our previous attempt.

There is plenty more to tell you and show off, but I don't want to burn it all out in one post! Expect the demo soon, and expect it to be AMAZING!

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

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