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A Robot Tale, live-stream update for the date (5/17/2017)

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sorry about the lack of updates on the site.
I'm getting things set up on IndieDB, '', and my main website.

Anyways, today I have two major announcements.

First, every week or two, I do a live-stream recap.
This will basically show how much I have progressed in the given period.

Second, I am going on break soon. Please do not be surprised to see me absent soon.
This break is the result of two main events:
my school finals coming up (dear lord!) and a family vacation.
Hopefully, I will return in less than a month.
I'm dearly sorry for this, but schooling and family come first.

Alright, without further adieu, here's the recap.

Quite a bit was done over the past week or two.
I managed to implement the running mechanic, a few animation frames, the sound engine, gun mechanics, and more.
Despite the plainness of such fundamental pieces, I found myself rather euphoric in seeing the game come to life.
Yes, I think that the building blocks of the project are becoming well defined
like the stone statue--a slowly carved art-piece born from the hands of a worker.

I know the basic functions of a game are not exactly enticing or attractive,
but that's the nature of any project.
Despite the tedious nature of it all, I can happily report that the game mechanics are starting their development phase soon.
And oh, what a sweet time that will be.

I also gained an enormous amount of ideas for the future the game.
I wish I could explain them all, but almost all of them are immensely spoiling.
Seriously, you wouldn't believe the scope of the worlds planned for my game.

Anyways, that's all for now.
Hopefully I will return soon for some concept explanations and live-streams.

Check out my live-streams in the video above.


Good article! Keep going. Awesome animation.

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