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i have been working a lot recently so not updated news for a while, but i have still been working on this when i have had time. Deadline for release has been put back until end of September i`m afraid because of work. Anyway here is everything i have done since last update. I am currently creating levels for the game which is taking a bit more time than i thought it would, in creating challenging levels. I will update news at more regular intervals from now on.

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everything seems to be coming together nicely now, i am creating new levels that will be in final game, and trying to get the difficulty curve so that game gets harder as you progress.


  • Added a background image to the level select screen.
  • Added a main menu button to the level select screen.
  • main menu button on level select screen now works.
  • Added IAP to game to get rid of adverts, still testing at the moment though.
  • Added credits screen.
  • Created sprites to animate for death sequence.
  • implemented death sequence.
  • Had to turn physics off when sarah died and turned into an angel as she could not fly through the tiles.
  • Added a back button to the high score table, to take you back to the main menu.
  • You can now enter your name when you get a high score.
  • created graphics for high score screen.
  • Tidied up the high score name input screen, now looks ok, and name centered as you type it in.
  • High score screen now finished, all data formatted so that it looks good when printed to screen
  • Changed all the menus so that they have a standard look.
  • Added game save facility, so that your progress in casual mode is saved along with how well you have done in each level.


  • Game now checks if you have an internet connection when loading high score table. Game would previously crash or hang until one was found. It now checks for 5 seconds before continuing without the high scores.
  • fixed a glitch when playing casual mode score was being added up before going to score screen as well when it got to score screen.
  • Added a "loading..." message after splash screen whilst the game is being initialised.
  • You now get an extra life when you collect 100 stars in arcade mode.
  • added some particle effects when you get an extra life.
  • Added hi score to game hud. So you can see what to aim for, in arcade mode.
  • Changed size of the settings screen as it was too big and i was changing size within code. This has now been made smaller so it will save space and not needing to resize in game.
  • stars collected were not being displayed in casual mode, this has now been fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • when viewing high score table before playing, in game score is set to lowest score in table. this has now been fixed.
  • Small glitch fixed when score was not being reset when starting new game.
  • The score was not adding up correctly in certain situations, now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where entering name in mobile version was not working.
  • The game crashed when displaying the high score table which contained less than 10 entries. now fixed.
  • fixed an issue where the score was not counting down to zero when adding time left bonus to score in arcade mode.
  • fixed the issue with sarah as an angel not appearing in the mobile version. I had saved the image in a format that AGK (App Game Kit) did not support.
  • Fixed: progress in levels was not saving correctly.
  • Fixed: sound for extra life was being played when sound was set to 0% in settings

Known issues:

  • Sarah seems to float about for a while when you reach the end of a level.
  • Game still crashing sometimes when loading new level in pc version, not as much as before though.
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