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Latest news\updates regarding my mod.Hiigaran research menu updated,etc...

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An update and release:
I haven't forgotten about my mod.Been slowly re-doing most of the Hiigaran-Vaygr ship descriptions in the research.lua for the Hiigarans so they are more canon and fits with the default Hiigran ships descriptions in the research menu.
Fixed the following Hiigran-Vaygr ship descriptions in the Hiigaran research menu so far:
*Hgr_Vgr_Command Corvette
*Hgr_Vgr_Missile Corvette
*Hgr_Vgr_Laser Corvette

*Hgr_Vgr_Interceptor(Assault Craft)

Fixed a spelling mistake that prevented the lvl 2 armor of the Hiigaran-Vaygr Missile corvette from being researched.

Vaygr Utility Build Menu

Vaygr Frigate Build Menu

"Polishing" the mod in the hope that this version be the final version.May re-add the Vaygr planet killer and Vaygr planet killer to both the Hiigarans and Vaygr.
Removed build code from the following ships because the code were for another mod plus the build queue menu is less clutered as a result:
[The link to the latest version of the mod can be found on the summary page for the mod.]


Download Link?

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maxdamage Author

The link to the download link is on the summary page for the mod.

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maxdamage Author

Forgot to mention that the link to the mod is an old version\build for it.The new version will still be v4.0 but a new build most likely the final one.

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maxdamage Author

The latest version\build is available for download on the summary page.It is v4.0 build 386

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