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Doctrines! Hotkeys! And more in this latest patch!

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Hello everyone! After a short hiatus, I have a new update for you all. I've been really working hard to make the American - Wehrmacht armies polished and to bring them close to a finished state. In the next few months I have a few things on the agenda, one of which is to organize some kind of tournament. The mod was designed for competitive play in mind, so I'd like to give it a chance to see the light of day in that regard.

With this latest patch there are a few additions. First of all, I've added hotkeys. They follow a simple grid pattern - QWER/ASDF/ZXCV for the twelve buttons on the interface. Primary abilities tend to use Z, secondary X, and tertiary use C. Unit upgrades use WSX from top to bottom of the upgrade panel.

The other big change is the implementation of doctrines. There are six doctrine choices to be made - two for each tree. The player is free to choose any one of the six to slightly change their playstyle. In the game panel there is also an option to disable doctrines - most likely for tournament play.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the latest patch. There's still more to come in the future, and I would always love to hear your input. I'm sorry things have been somewhat slow, but there's only so much a one man team can do!
Thank you!


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