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The sonic emitter now has a new purpose, almost invincible, purpose. costing about... 10000 credits, the SE protects against a death weapon, the ion cannon which destroys everything in its path, except a SE... if you build one in time. -I'm also planning on making -bunkers- for nod and scrin. to make it fair, the ion cannon is so deadly that i will increase the cost and build time of it.

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Added or modified-

Sonic Emitter- Costs ALOT more, time to build increased, and health (and power) increased drastically.
Harvester (GDI)- Slower, collects more tiberium.
Mammoth tank- The Mammoth tank will no longer be a shield due to the fact that its hard to control multiple Mammoth tanks at once, to large. have new skin now... secret (hint: EVIL)
Ion Cannon- Deals ALOT of damage, increased build time and cost.
Foxhole- Vehicles garrison instead of infantry. And yes they can fire out!!
Firehawks- Are now orca bombers with 3 bombs instead of 2.
Orca (the nor. one to not confuze anyone)- Faster fire rate, and more ammo. Shoots photons.
Pred. Tank- Faster fire rate, more armor, and has the alien devastator skin.
Pitbull- Faster fire rate, bigger clip, and has the ox (GDI Transport) skin.
Grenadiers- Have rifleman skins.
Missle men peoples (forgot name)- Have grenadier skins and move faster.
Commando- Have a sniper skin and have increased health.
The color black and white is added.
AA (GDI)- Can shoot at ground and air (couldnt shoot at air before)
Bombing run- Less damage BIG payload, faster fire rate. Shoots tank rounds
Battle base- Like a mortar emplacement, but less damage. Have the command post skin.
Rig- Have the command post skin.
Riflemen- are no longer mutated like, more militia. Zone troopers are the mutated now.
Juggernaut- GDI drop pod skin.

I would like to note that when this mod is released, you may need to make a box around some units because the game doesn`t read the skin as an object (short: you can`t select it just by clicking the unit), just a little heads up! i am also soon realeasing a gameplay vid to show some progress. Finally im realseaing my first map; shack city, under construction. the map, i may add is not going to be EA standard, but its going to be a playable map!!

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