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Chiakico Update #1 - A talk about the development of Chiakico

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Chiakico Update #1

Hello everyone I know it's been a while since Chiakico has been updated, this is because the whole MRP team has been working on Dragon ball Tactics since it now has a new engine if you're really interested in Chiakico don't fear because we will hopefully start development within a month.

If anyone can do any form of Art or Concept Art we could continue Chiakico's development we possibly might change Chiakico to be done on the Current Dragon ball Tactics engine, since the engine is allot more powerful and easier to work with.

Chiakico still has the same background ideas as mentioned on the top of the Mod db page, We aim to create a Diablo type feeling when approaching Spells there will still be multiplayer 1 on 1 matches, Chiakico is still made to push detail effects and quality to its limits.

Majority of the Spells are still the same with some extras added some of the new spells are.

Touch of Death - Spreads death and decay over your side causing the ball to slow down

Lightning Chain - Sends out multiple linked lightning bolts to shock the enemies board and ball causing the ball to multiply its speed over 10 second duration, Enemies board is drained by 5 mana over the 10second duration

Grasp of Death - The hands of the dead reach up from the ground grabbing and holding onto anything that they can reach includes boards, the ball causses the hands to break and burst when it comes in contact

Soon we can hopefully show you some more game play pictures thank you for your time,
Sincerely MRP

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