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we just need to chill, relax...and wait for it to get done. since moddb requires a minimum of 300 characters in these summary field in order to allow my editing of this news post, everything read after the first sentence above has been composed to meet the summary fields *s. 300 words and post.

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Thank you for your interset - unfortunately.. this mod is no longer supported.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, support and encouragement to see it through

Take care!

Here’s exactly what's going on with outbreak & what my plans are for it's return. There's mostly great news, however those expecting a speedy release will definitely want my head on a pike, let me explain.

As far as the update goes, there is 2 (3, sort of) ways of working around the recently HDR compiled campaign maps (the ones that make the lighting, textures, cubemaps etc look funky).

a.) inject then recompile workarounds to entities/functions within the bsp files (maps) themselves to avoid critical errors during game play (most common/recognized example would be "laggy trains") to avoid having to remove content all together
b.) mapadd work arounds with exact same theory, but this can get ugly/cluttered/bloated code-wise, since you're essentially nullifying entities on map start, then redefining them within the same instance, leaving trails of entities in memory
c.) rolling back/converting in-map resources through override within sourcemods dir by hand, which is technically the least intrusive way of doing it, but back breaking/severely time consuming - i don't get paid to do that sorry

That covers campaign

Next, visual update/upgrades

I had mentioned wanting to use appid 215 numerous times on several threads in the past, mainly to extend visual appeal/capabilities for the models and certain surfaces found in-world, however things came up & i had to rush a "finalized" release & had pretty much decided I was through with smod. however, being "forced" to revisit smod due to valves update, i have decided to follow through with some previously abandoned concepts/checklists which never fell through.

there will be updated shader parameters/textures to many of the models/content the player is in constant interaction with (phong, Further improved detail scaling, etc) everything from soldiers, zombies, weapons and so forth
adding new weapons arsenal
adding new special effects as well as numerous upgrades i hadn't finished working on at the time of old release -will be even More performance friendly (as if it wasn't already)

it's a good i was so conservative in old builds with cheap compression & clutter removal....cause now outbreak literally has no "budget" on resources needed to add to it's glory, as it was the mod was shockingly "light" for the amount of stuff it added, we've all seen far less additions weigh nearly 3 to 4 times it's yeah, pretty sweet

Now for the bad news...this means a MINIMUM of a month "delay" (we've traveled this road before, i remember saying "next week" for over 3 months at one point), but keep in mind a few things before you work yourself into an anger-induced rampage

after original release, and even before, not i, not Any modder, author, team or related has an Obligation to deliver/provide Anything to Anyone, it's important to keep this in mind when hammering contributors. please relax & be patient. if you've kept up with outbreak since it's early stages you know that any waits i've put you through have been well worth it & exceeded expectations

when any media updates (if any), news updates (if any), releases (IF ANY!) are made, rest assured notices will be sent out

Xenoshock - - 542 comments

Sadfaice :(

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Madman4700 - - 536 comments

you should check the smod tactical/redux fix, it may help you out alot

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Face palm to Valve.

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AshHousewares - - 163 comments

Damn... we need a miracle :<

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Defcon6 - - 258 comments

Ooooh, fiddlesticks!

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Glider4 - - 101 comments

damn. well try moving it 2 the orangebox source engine. thats all i can sugest

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TwoDustyOldLions - - 102 comments

waiting with baited breath.... I was referred to this mod.. waiting..BUT, always a One is waiting for one thing or another one's whole life...AND I HAVE GROWN CALLOUSES ON MY BUT TO PROVE IT!...LOL

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,209 comments

It's not broken-


Honestly, it works.

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Lt_Veron - - 209 comments

Oh gosh...Satan ways are unknown to mortal beings.

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attackzone974 - - 344 comments

the patch for smod outbreak is here:
look down till you find outbreak patch here

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attackzone974 - - 344 comments

also you need source sdk base for it

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Business - - 51 comments

Its on...

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veteran_gamer Author
veteran_gamer - - 146 comments

hang in there brothers, it'll come

Reply Good karma+1 vote
AUG_DUDE - - 4,124 comments

there is alrrady a outbreak fix
google it, the last time i saw it, was on the tactical forums

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veteran_gamer Author
veteran_gamer - - 146 comments

sorry, i'm afraid there's no fix (that doesn't require multiple inefficient steps which still result in numerous "game breaking" bugs & other erroneous behavior)

please be patient, thanks :]

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fitzroy_doll - - 260 comments

Good luck!

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veteran_gamer Author
veteran_gamer - - 146 comments

thanks you as well - and to us all.

i'm pretty confident that everything will come together nicely for everyone, restoring SMOD as we've come to love it

here's to success!


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Business - - 51 comments


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Half_life_Player - - 6 comments

Will it return in 2012

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