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So, at long last, an update! Most of you probably thought that this mod was dead, but, never fear, I would never let a good idea go. I had merely put this mod on hold until I had the chance to finally start again. But, progress has finally restarted, and hopefully a beta release by November will be released.

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Progress has been slow, I'm afraid to say, mainly due to schoolwork and suchlike. Thankfully though, all that is out of the way, and mapping can finally continue. Several new improvements have been made to the first map, such as colour correction and better effects; and it is very nearly finished.


New images have finally been released! The first map now has more dynamic lights and shadows, and better lighting overall.


I've read everyone's feedback, and I've tried to implement it all together for the game. Good news - I've got rid of the blue lighting in the beach, which will make everyone happy. However, the game is intended to be rather surreal, so instead of having really strange lighting, it will have a purplish tinge via the colour correction, with some desaturation added as well, to give the mod a more dark, yet surreal, feel.


The mod will also implement a dynamic water particle system, to try and liven things up. I don't think that many mods, if any, have dynamic water, but Awake - Lost Faith does.

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