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The current status of the mod, just to keep you up to date.

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I had a major data loss a few weeks ago with no way of recovering the data, which was the reason why we deleted our last post here.

Unfortunately we have lost all data that we have created over the last six months... :(

That threw us back quite a bit, but we are still motivated and working on our v0.2 and we will publish it soon.

Our cohesion was only strengthened by this and we will try to work in a more organized and secure manner in the future.

As already announced our weapon setup has been completely revised and, apart from a few small things, its completely finished and in the game.

The new firearms, animations and toys look really amazing and play like that.
Many thanks to MariusMaximus at this point - thank you buddy!!!

Marius is currently still working on the new 1p arms and hands, but these will also be perfect for the release of our 0.2 - we are convinced of that.

3 new maps are currently planned for 0.2.

The map i'm going to show you today was built from scratch within the last few weeks.

The second map is currently at about 70% (many thanks to TroyNie to give me a hand on the terrain and the coloring!) and we are currently working and planning the third map very actively because it will be a special map...

Here are some teasers of the almost finished map:




I'll try to create a few videos of the new firearms soon and upload them for you on YouTube.

Stay healthy and happy guys and don't let the negative ones get to you too!

It looks great, awesome. But I would play this battlefied 2 game.. if it were a third person game. Personally i like third person only third person. 🙂 it would be great.. If there is a mod..that could change the default camera into third person view.

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TrueSpirit Author

when I play story-based games, I only play 3p games. Unfortunately, I can't do too much with 1p ego shooters either. however, this is bf2, one of the best team based strategic shooter games. 3p would certainly be possible but would not really improve the gameplay.

thanks for the friendly comment!

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Its ok.. Thats very old game though. Yah that's better with fps.

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Man, this is aweaome looking atmosphere. It truly remind me of original Insurgency game map but not the Insurgency Sandstorm one. It is good nostalgia for me. Keep up your great work.

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ouchhh it sad but don't worry we will wait for the next version :D

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This is a nice surprise. Some mods show great potential: this one IS very well done in several departments.

Hope to see more of it. [Maps, at least. A few more, if possible.]

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